This page has a selection of links - some serious, some (most) frivolous, We hope that they will entertain and inform. Remember if you click on the link you will leave the Hats that Help page.
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myboshi - this great company supply a lot of our wool, our patterns and the inspiration for the beanies.

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Penny Brohn Cancer care offer a great range of supportive courses and advice about living well with cancer. Their Nourish Cookbook is fully of inspiring ideas. Click here to buy the book. Click here to visit the Penny Brohn site.
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These great birds are available from Carol Harrison on Facebook. Nothing to do with Hats that Help but all the HtH crocheters keep finding other things to do with yarn, We had to share it!
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Crochet egg cosies! Whatever next?
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Melbourne Artist Phil Ferguson takes crochet hats to a new dimension!
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Delightful as these are it may be a step too far for Hats that Help to enter the bespoke shorts market!
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What a pity we have no little penguins in the Northern Hemisphere……..