It’s a harsh fact, most of us have had cancer touch our lives in one form or another. With this in mind please take a moment to read on. We are “hats that help” a group of friends and family who are crocheting & knitting a vast array of hats in all shapes and sizes in order to raise money for the chemo ward 3 at Southampton General Hospital.

A very close friend of ours was diagnosed with Cancer in 2013, he underwent several rounds of chemo followed by life changing surgery. The prognosis appeared to be good until, in July 2014, another tumour was detected, this time on the liver and inoperable. Chemo was the only option. It was during one of the chemo sessions at the General Hospital that Marisa McClelland and Damian Brasher decided that they would like to do something to help. The ward badly needs a vein locater. It can be difficult to find veins on Cancer patients undergoing chemo and it is often painful for them too. A vein locater would make all the difference.

Many people often knit or crochet to pass the time during treatment, patients undergoing chemo lose their hair, this is where Marisa and Damian came up with the idea to make hats that help, the obvious choice.
Now this is where you come in, how you can help:

  • We are looking for more volunteers to knit or crochet hats. Wool can be supplied to you, we are using myboshi yarns, or, if you like many of us have a stash waiting for the perfect project, this could be it. Do you belong to a knit and natter group? Get your friends involved.

  • Donate Wool. Do you have a stash of wool that you no longer need? All donations gratefully received.

  • Buy a hat. This can be a bespoke hat made to order or from our selection of readymade, the choice is yours.

Contact us using the email form at the bottom of the page.
We’d love to have your support,

Thank you.