What are we fundraising for?

A Vein Locator for Ward C3 at Southampton General Hospital - working with Southampton Hospital Charity

Many of us know people who have been, or still are, receiving treatment for cancer. However, unless you are intimately involved with a cancer sufferer you may not realise how unpleasant some of the treatment can be.

For instance when the patient is receiving chemotherapy intravenously it can sometimes be hard to find the veins. The old fashioned method is to put a tourniquet around the arm, wait for the veins to fill and then, tapping with a finger, find a prominent vein into which the needle can be inserted. It sounds easy but when the patient is dehydrated and feeling unwell to start with it can prove very difficult to find a decent vein and numerous attempts to find a suitable vein can be painful and very demoralising.

This is where the Vein Locator comes in - This clever gadget identifies viable veins and makes the whole process much less traumatic.

You can read more about the various types of vein locator here